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Justice for Widows' Land Rights

Widows in Kibaale District face a daunting reality: illegal land seizure, eviction, and displacement. This gender-based violence perpetuates poverty, inequality, and injustice. But we can make a difference. Our project, "Justice for Widows' Land Rights," aims to mobilize communities, demand government action, and advocate for policy change.

The Problem:
Widows in Kibaale District are vulnerable to land grabbing, leaving them without a home, livelihood, or dignity. This systemic injustice perpetuates gender-based violence, poverty, and inequality.

The Solution:
Rural Smiles Foundation with support from Het Actiefonds shall conduct a project from July 2024 to October 2024 to raise awareness, mobilize communities, and demand government action to protect widows' land rights. We will:

-Organize a peaceful demonstration in Kibaale District
- Collect signatures for a petition to local authorities
- Engage with media and hold a press conference
- Meet with local leaders, government officials, and policymakers

Expected Outcomes:

- Increased awareness and public support for widows' land rights
- Government commitment to protect widows' land rights
- Policy change for gender equality in land ownership and management
- Empowerment of widows and communities to demand their rights

Join Us:
We invite local women's organizations, community groups, legal aid organizations, and human rights networks to partner with us. Together, we can amplify the voices of widows and demand justice and equality in land ownership and management.

Let us stand in solidarity with the widows of Kibaale District and fight for their right to own and manage their land. Join us in this call to action and let us create a more just and equitable society for all.

#JusticeForWidows #LandRights #GenderEquality #KibaaleDistrict

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